inventory control vending machine

We all know how vending machines can be used to dispense merchandise of all kinds. But have you thought about how an automated system can be used for inventory control and to keep track of supplies? Many smart companies and organizations are now using automated vending machines to control use of supplies, which helps provide better insight for restocking and planning, and reduces costs.

Recently, the Chesapeake Fire Department installed a secure web-based vending system to control access for medical supplies.

Officials say that the system will save them money and improve delivery of critical items.

In the past, crews could only get supplies from a central supply room, and then only after sending an email.

“There could be a delay between when that email was received and when that order was filled,” Chesapeake Fire Captain Scott Saunders said.

Then there were fuel costs because crews could only get supplies from one central supply center, no matter where they were based in the city… so people tended to load up on supplies, taking more than they may have actually needed, in order to save a future trip back to the supply center.

Now things have changed.

Fire Department Captain Greg Noel explained, “This system and the information it’s going to provide us, will allow us to use tax dollars more efficiently.”

“We can get down to tracking what supplies we typically use on a certain type of call,” Capt. Saunders said.


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