Coffee Vending

Have you heard that a Coffee Commission Standardized Flavors Globally?

Coffee is grown and consumed across hundreds of countries, which together represent an enormous amalgam of unique cultures, cuisines, and languages.

The challenge of helping individuals working across that broad landscape of diversity—in roles as different as coffee farming, processing, exporting/milling, importing, roasting, and drinking—to understand one another is enormous. But it’s also essential to the smooth functioning of the supply chain.

In beer, wine, soda, and other beverages, there are global standards for the component flavors of each beverage—a way for everyone to “speak” the same language of flavor by using the same point of reference.

For coffee aromas, many industry experts are familiar with the scent based products. But you can’t drink these references, only smell them. Professional tasters have never before had taste references—until now.

The 24 World Coffee Research approved FlavorActiV standards for coffee are a Rosetta Stone for coffee flavors, a tool that allows a taster in one part of the world to taste exactly the same thing as another.

The GMP pharmaceutical grade flavor capsules for coffee were co-developed by FlavorActiV and Coffee Enterprises with assistance from Square Mile roasters. Each of the 24 flavors was then evaluated by the same researchers behind the World Coffee Research Sensory Lexicon to ensure a match.

FlavorActiV flavor standards were evaluated by World Coffee Research to determine if they are appropriate and accurate representations of flavors contained within the lexicon. Once validated they were put forward for inclusion within coffee lexicon 2.0.

For the second edition of the lexicon, twenty four of the attributes have been updated to include FlavorActiV references:  Sour, Bitter, Salty, Apple, Grape, Coconut, Pineapple, Acetic acid, Butyric acid, Isovaleric acid, Fermented, Peapod, Fresh, Papery, Musty/Earthy, Musty/Dusty, Moldy/Damp, Phenolic, Petroleum, Brown Spice, Almond, Vanillin, Floral, and Jasmine.

The new FlavorActiV references, which have been added in a newly released second edition of the lexicon—Lexicon 2.0—are GMP pharmaceutical grade, shelf-stable, food-safe, and globally available.

The WCR Sensory Lexicon is a living document that will continue to be updated with new flavors and aromas, as well as new references for those flavors/aromas, as they are identified.


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