Electronic Kiosks Help Police Crack Down on Crime

Electronic Kiosks Help Police Crack Down on Crime: All the cars and drugs seized in Escambia County, Florida has paid off in a big way for law enforcement, they’ve funded these electronic kiosks, tax-free, to post up outside of public offices and businesses across the county.

The goal?

“It also lets everyone in the area know about wanted fugitives, deadbeat parents, amber and silver alerts,” says Deputy Melony Peterson.

Deputy Melony Peterson was on delivery duty today, placing this electronic kiosk to a Walgreen’s off Mobile Highway.

People will be able to see real-time data from the sheriff’s office at each kiosk.

“Its very nice to have them in local businesses and you see, it informs us,” says Peterson.

It’s totally free of cost to businesses.

“We simply ask that they provide the plug,” says Peterson.

Each kiosk costs $5, 500.00, but not a penny from tax-payers.

The kiosks, along with electronic billboards, are part of the sheriff’s office’s digital effort to crack down on crime.

It’s a big win for businesses who want to stop shoplifters in their tracks.

“You know just walking in there with the intentions of taking something they are not willing to pay for, and knowing that their photo can pop up on that kiosk i think it’s a huge deterrent,” says Peterson.

Currently, there are 13 kiosks and criminals beware: your arrest could fund the next one.


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