vending machine for music emergencies

Relief is at hand for any guitarist who has found themselves high and dry before a gig – now there is a vending machine for music emergencies!

Australia’s first 24-hour guitar vending machine opened in Melbourne, dishing out all manner of shredding equipment at the push of a button.

The announcement is music to the ears of strung out guitarists who have missed out on performances because of lost equipment.

The Toneshop machine offers electric guitar strings for $8, acoustic strings for $8, five-packs of pics for for $5, capos for $10, straps for $7, as well as leads and drumsticks.

The machine is found outside Clingan Guitar Tone Collingwood, one of the Melbourne’s top creative hubs.

Social media has lit up with a chorus of praise for the new machine, which is believed to be the first of its kind in Australia

That is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!,’ wrote one Facebook commenter.

‘Best vending machine ever,’ wrote another.

It’s not a world first, however: in the US, a similar 24/7 guitar vending machine is in operation in Memphis.

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