Marijuana Vending Machine

Marijuana Vending Machine: The phrase is enough to create controversy.

Several companies are entering the automated retailing sector to sell cannabis and marijuana products in a legal manner in states where the product is approved and regulated.

Grasshopper Kiosks ( recently unveiled its new self-service systems for the legal marijuana market at the National Cannabis Industry Association Conference; receiving significant interest from consumers and the media.

Grasshopper’s ADA compliant systems provide automation for the secure storage and dispensing of regulated products, and were purposefully designed to work in accordance with the complex regulations that govern the legal cannabis industry. The Grasshopper systems provide secure, climate-controlled product storage and dispensing, plus automated inventory and payment tracking that streamlines transaction times and collects real-time data about inventory and sales trends.

The Grasshopper product line includes a Self-Service Kiosk that can efficiently dispense up to 60 unique SKU’s via a large high-definition touchscreen display menu – making it a powerful tool for dispensaries to promote and sell their most popular products, including flower, concentrates, accessories and vaporizers.

American Green is a Phoenix-based medical cannabis technology company and they’ve released a prototype for a marijuana vending machine. The marijuana vending machine will use “biometric verification technology” via a finger scanner that will sell controlled substances to those of legal ages. Other items that could be included in this machine include alcohol, casino chips, pharmaceuticals, and guns.

However, neither Marijuana Vending Machine can stand outside of a dispensary, so no, cannabis will not be for sale on a street corner, at a school, or anywhere else but inside a regulated, licensed cannabis dispensary.


And while the phrase, “Marijuana Vending Machine” may catch headlines, it is really a bit misleading, as these machines must be placed inside dispensaries, where it is legal to sell cannabis.


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