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New wave retail is starting to crest

Once upon a time, an upstart retailer arrived on the scene, delivering just about anything a family could possibly desire, straight to their door — before going on to reinvent and dominate the retail landscape in this country in a way never before seen. That company, as everyone surely knows, was of course Sears, Roebuck…

Nike Retail Automation

Nike Utilizes Retail Automation To Make Custom Sneakers In Under An Hour

Retail Automation and sneaker customization are growing trends that appeal brand owners and managers, and to the fashion sense and the collector-mindedness of those shoe fanatics sometimes known as “sneakerheads.” Now Nike is offering a limited number of enthusiasts the chance to try out a new, fast form of customization technology. Nike’s limited-time, invite-only event,…

Ikea Vending Machine

This IKEA Vending Machine Stocks Kitchen Gadgets

For its latest move, IKEA is thinking inside the box. The Swedish retailer has set up an IKEA vending machine at a Stockholm subway station, and nope, there’s not a meatball in sight.  Instead, the machine at Hötorget station carries small kitchen items like a garlic press, an egg slicer, and other tools. While it’s…


Morning After Vending Machines Give Students Better Access to Urgent Products

It has been four years since the federal government lifted the age limit for the morning after pill, but college students across the country say gaining access to it remains fraught with confusion and difficulty. Now some colleges think they have found a solution: Morning after vending machines. Stanford University unveiled one this month, following in the…

Automated Retailing in strip malls

A Second Act For Strip Malls

The times they are a’changing, and if consumers insist on using the internet to shop, shopping center landlords will have to repurpose their retail properties. Where holiday shoppers might have once seen stores and food chains, strip malls are now adding ice skating rinks, fire pits and programmed entertainment, like annual tree lightings, to give…


Bodega – How to Fail in Automated Retailing

Recently, two former Google employees unveiled their new concept: Bodega, a series of “five-foot-wide pantry boxes filled with non-perishable items you might pick up at a convenience store,” which work by connecting to an app that charges your credit card if you take something out of the box. If this sounds like a vending machine,…

Why CVS is getting into Automated Retailing and Vending

Why CVS is getting into Automated Retailing and Vending

CVS is set up 25 vending machines (automated retailing kiosks) in the Northeast, selling everything from makeup remover to healthy snacks to earbuds.CVS has thousands of locations, so adding 25 vending machines won’t move the revenue needle much. However, that’s not why they invested in this form of product distribution. They did it for the…


Bottled Water Surge Helps Reverse Vending Flourish

New research finds that the market for bottled water reached a volume of nearly 17 Billion Litres in 2016, growing at a CAGR of around 6% during 2009-2016. One of the major factors driving the market growth is the rising health consciousness among consumers which has boosted the demand for bottled water as opposed to…

fashion vending machines

6 Fashion Vending Machines to Shop on the Go

Earlier this month, Uniqlo announced that it would begin rolling out vending machines in airports and malls around the country (starting with 10 locations in August and September, including Oakland, Houston, and John F. Kennedy Airport in New York), offering ultra-light down jackets, Heattech tops, and other essentials via box or canister. But the Japanese brand…

automated retailing can help brick and mortar stores expand

Automated Retailing can help brick and mortar stores expand

Automated Retailing can help brick and mortar stores expand. Japanese clothing company Uniqlo announced new plans to sell products via vending machines to US customers in airports and premium shopping malls in major cities. The first vending machine became available on August 2 at the Oakland International Airport in California and nine more will be…