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Automated Retailing Named One of Two Best Sectors for Investors

Business Management News, a highly respected magazine, just reported that the automated retailing sector is one of the two best markets for investors! In the article, the news organization reported, “Change is opportunity. When technology or market forces cause a sector to rapidly evolve or emerge, this change often presents significant opportunities for savvy investors. Two…

Candy Vending

Don’t Count Out Candy Vending

Don’t count out candy vending. Candy is still a large player in the retail, convenience and vending markets. In the 2017 Guide to Candy & Snacks, the authors noted some facts about the candy market: The Sweeter Gender. When shopping at convenience stores, women are heavier candy purchasers, according to the annual Convenience Store News…

Oyster Vending Machine

Oyster Vending Machines

Our friends in France love custom vending machines. They’ve got machines which produce anything from baguettes to short stories. But nothing quite compares to a new vending machine which offers fresh oysters. Yes, now there are Oyster Vending Machines. Brigitte and Tony Berthelot, oyster farmers based on the Île de Ré (an island off the west coast of…

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Vegan Vending Machines

Vegan vending machines are popping up around San Francisco, which offer entrees and snacks with no sugar. Unlike a traditional vending machine, however, the options aren’t shown in a transparent case, so consumers have to give the machine a bit of information before it generates an order. For instance, if you’re a pregnant woman and…

Custom Built Kiosks, Vending Machines and Automated Retailing Systems

Custom Built Kiosks, Vending Machines, Automated Retailing Systems

Custom Built Kiosks, Vending Machines, Automated Retailing Systems For those that are looking for something more unique than an off-the-shelf solution, Alps Innovations offers custom built machines that are built to specification. Each custom-built system will vary in price depending on requirements, and may include non-recurring engineering fees. Once the exact requirements have been laid…

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Gaining distribution in small retail formats bring big payoffs for major brands

Small formats with limited assortments like automated retailing and custom vending, and neighborhood stores like Target Express have been growing recently in popularity in the United States and around the world. For brands, the limited assortments mean greater competition for shelf-space, raising the question of whether it is worth expending marketing effort and slotting allowances…

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Are kiosks the next step for restaurant-based digital signage?

The Kiosk: Key to the future of fast food? There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the rise of self-order kiosks in dining establishments, especially quick-serve restaurants. At the recent trade show, I saw first-hand the growing demand for these automated ordering solutions. And as digital menu boards approach the point of saturation in many restaurants,…

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Healthy snacks fastest growing food product in New York

Healthy snacks fastest growing food product in New York, according to a new survey. The poll found that 58% of the 80 New York food and beverage industry executives questioned said that food group was the at top of the list for expected growth. Anchin Block & Anchin, an accounting firm, conducted the poll. The…

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New technologies will redefine automated retailing

New technologies will redefine automated retailing. When faced with a challenging market, retailers, consumer product manufacturers and others seek solutions that are cost-effective, logical, and lead to profitability while advancing the image of the automated retail industry. Can technology be relied on to be the leading accelerant to make this happen? Will more efficient automation…


Amazon, Whole Foods, and the New World of Automated Retailing

A recent article published in Business Management News described a scene in the future that affects Amazon, Whole Foods and Automated Retailing: “You walk into a store and are greeted by name, by a computer with facial recognition that directs you to the items you need. You peruse a small area — no chance of…