The Full Intelligent Automated Retail Kiosk Experience

Smart, Intuitive, Retail Ready and Beautifully Designed.

Our Intelligent Automated Retail Kiosk provides a striking way to expand your brands reach; all in a beautiful, cost effective manner with state-of-the art design features that includes a “No Drop” Robotic arm that gently picks up the product, delivers it and elegantly presents it to the Customers in a graceful motion. All our kiosks have the fastest planogram change capability in the industry.

All MagexUSA Intelligent Automated Retail Kiosks are built with superior workmanship and can be customized to meet your brands specific needs. MagexUSA kiosks provide a new sales channel that will expand your Brand. One that is designed to attract and interact with the client segment you want to reach.

The Big Store as with all our models has a patented lane system that enables ease of packaging size changes on the fly via our flexible admin Sell Point software. The Big Store Automated Retail Kiosk with standard 14 lanes across has capacity of up to 1480 products with its standard floor configuration. Incorporated into all our solutions – the software back-end provides diagnostics and kiosk management for efficient operational and organizational control.

The Big Store Intelligent Automated Retail Kiosk includes standard features such as web cam, external armour gauge steel, security locks, anti-vandal security glass, alarm, electronic door openers, low consumption LED Lighting and much more. The Big Store AIR kiosk can house even the most luxurious items in its protected and beautiful designed cabinet. By upgrading the exterior of the kiosk with a specially designed cladding to enhance the experience and your brand.

Learn how you can Fully Customize The Big Store for your unique business needs.

Retail Benefits

  • Brand enhancement with customized wraps and additional Store kits.

  • Marketing opportunities with digital media.

  • Handle fragile merchandise with our ‘No Drop” robotic system.

  • Real-time management of all machines on-line.

  • Built with the highest quality to achieve the longest life-cycle.

  • Presentation cabinet to display products.

  • Easily transportable.

  • Large flexible SKU capacity.

  • Highest level of security.

Customer Benefits

  • A large interface allowing for quick and simple purchasing.

  • Large capacity with the ability to handle a variety of products.

  • With the glass front it visually connects the products with the customer.

  • WiFi enabled.

  • Retrieval area with automatic opening
  • Reinforced retrieval area
  • Shatter proof resistant glass
  • Console with independent opening
  • Reinforced steel frame
  • 22″ Monitor with 1920×1080 pixels resolution
  • Industrial computer with dual core
  • Operating system installed with a 32 Gb hard disc
  • Display door completely isolated
  • LED lighting
  • Console locks are completely isolated
  • Modular configuration of shelves in height, depth and number of selections
  • Self diagnostic system for troubleshooting
  • Electronic multi-communication protocol included
  • System for data management and statistics display
  • Robotic system with multi-axis for collection and delivery of the products
  • Temperature control with recording
  • Protection cover for the machine feet
  • Camera Kit
  • Speaker Kit

Store Dimensions

Length 1858 mm 186 cm 74.4 in 6′ 2″ Ft
Depth 984 mm 98 cm 38.6 in 3′ 3″ Ft
Height 1980 mm 198 cm 79.2 in 6′ 7″ Ft
*Measurements may vary

Customized Enclosure Designs Available

Weight (with 6 floors) 550 Kg
Maximum number of floors 7
Selection of floors 2 to 14
Type of lighting High luminosity LED (20 W)
Voltage supply 100-240 V~ 50/60 Hz
Power consumbtion 75 W
Power consumption by cooling unit 420 W
Climate class refrigeration unit 5
Temperature control and cooling system Electronic with alarm in real time
Internal Temperature 2 °C
Operating Temperature of cooling unit up to 40 °C
Payment systems compatibility Customizable

Delivery System


The Big Store is equipped with a Robotic Product Carrier system that transports the product from the kiosk display cabinet to the dispensing door.
We have maximum dispensing reliability thanks to the Magex sensors system on the Carrier which recognizes the product entering and exiting the kiosk display cabinet floor and the dispensing door.
Have total control of expensive items using a special microchip applied to the product that can be tracked at the dispensing door prior to the sale.
Our Zero drop system and transport belt on the Robotic Product Carrier allows the sale of delicate products or products that require horizontal delivery.

Loading System

The Big Store Intelligent Automated Retailing Kiosk has maximum adaptability to distribute all types of products. With the Magex unique lane system can be paired with more than one lane that will automatically to distribute products of different sizes.
The system also has Patent Pending interlocking partitions to separate products that are next to one another. This allows complete control of specific lanes so you may dispense more than one size.
The Big Store also has a self-diagnosis system that will check the operating status of the lane prior to any disbursement of the product.


Service Data in Real Time

ALPS Innovations Group Inc. is able to provide all its customers a service for the management of vending machines in real time connected via Web technology, accessible from any system connected to the network.


This allows you to view real-time data of each sale, the status of the stock, the coins / banknotes inserted or rendered, automatic rebooting in case unplanned changes in the operation system, for example intrusion attempts. It also monitors the temperature and the evaporation inside the distributor with relative visualization of the details.


  • Bill Reader
  • Bill Validator with change
  • Reader coins in tubes with change
  • Reader coins with change multihopper
  • Outdoor cover
  • Lexan ® protective
  • LCD price display
  • Lift
  • Fridge
  • Age verification
  • System for managing variable weight
  • Rear door for interior loading
  • Inserting items via barcode
  • Web camera, microphone and speakers
  • Custom and personalized graphics
  • GSM data management
  • System RFID loyalty card
  • Credit card and bank note reader
  • Certified mag swipe debit and credit card reader
  • 1 year parts and labor depot warranty


  • Custom Store Kit Enclosure
  • Digital signage (only with enclosure)
  • Full color graphic branding Wrap
  • Digital signage software
  • Customized touchscreen U.I.
  • On-site service agreement
  • Delivery and Installation