Kiosk Manufacturer, Automated Retailing Solutions Provider

Kiosk Manufacturer, Automated Retailing Solutions Provider

Alps Innovations Group a distributor of Magex Italy

As a Kiosk Manufacturer, Automated Retailing Solutions Provider, reliability and accountability are the key features of the Alps/Magex relationship. Being a large, Innovative Automated Retailing, Vending, and Kiosk Manufacturer, each model is conceived, designed, built and tested in its factories, providing it with only top quality components which are manufactured in Italy.

With the experience accumulated over the years and with Alps Innovations Group leading them in the North American market, there is no height that cannot be reached. With the strength of Magex, Alps can offer a quality machine that takes into account several important factors such as brilliant design, versatility, cutting edge technology and ease of use.

Alps has access to the entire Magex intelligent retail line and can custom build upon request. The Intelligent Retail line is appealing visually, holds a wide array of merchandise and can be customized to each company’s individual needs. Alps can offer businesses the best of both worlds.

The Finest Kiosk Manufacturer in the World.


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