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MagexUSA,an Alps Innovations Group Company, is a premier kiosk manufacturer with kiosk manufacturing, smart vending, intelligent vending, auto retail, automated retailing, custom vending solutions. We manufacture and distribute unparalleled, state-of-the-art creative self-service solutions that are smart, beautifully designed and intuitive. Our Automated Retail Kiosks lead the industry with over 3000 installations around the Globe in 28 countries and is integrated with over 20 different payment processors. MagexUSA is leading the way in the Automated Retail space and is supported by its own industry experience as well as industry partners who are subject experts in their field. We are the leaders in Smart vending, intelligent vending, autoretail, automated retailing, custom vending manufacturer, kiosks, and self service solutions.


“AIM HIGHER” From Engineering to Design to Deployment to Customer Service, our company has been focusing on developing trusted relationships with our partners for years. There’s a reason our partners are considered experts in their field and are well respected in the Automated Retail industry. So take advantage of the wealth of our experience and contact us today.


“MagexUSA” is a THINKING company, partnering with like-minded companies to design and implement Automated Retail solutions in multiple segments of the Global market. MagexUSA has always put our customers first, creating lasting relationships with our clients. We strive to Aim Higher in everything we do and always go the extra mile. We are the premier Smart vending, intelligent vending, autoretail, automated retailing, custom vending manufacturer in the world.



“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.” MICHAELANGELO


Smart vending, intelligent vending, autoretail, automated retailing, custom vending


Our Support
Our Service

Through our trusted partners we offer flexible service plans, with a proven track record of supporting Service Level Agreements designed for critical and large deployments.

MagexUSA Field Service contracts support single-visit resolution where the technician arrives with a replacement part in-hand which is shipped on the same day of the service call, thus eliminating an added customer expense and inconvenience of multiple visits.

The two service options that have proven to be the most effective are:

Available 48-Hour Technician Response (M – F):

This optional plan provides kiosk diagnostics and on-site support within 48 hours. If required, an authorized technician arrives with the replacement part for the diagnosed repair, within a span of 48 hours where overnight shipping is utilized.

Same day diagnostics, 24 Hour Technician Response (7 days a week):

This optional plan provides same-day diagnostic response from an Authorized Service Representative, throughout the week. If needed, an authorized Technician can be scheduled on weekends, although the shipments of parts are at customer’s additional expense.

For all onsite service options: An Alps Innovations Group representative can provide you with the Service Plan that will meat your company’s needs. For a consultation or quote, do not hesitate to contact us. We are a kiosk manufacturer with solutions for all types of kiosks, smart vending, automated retailing, and custom vending systems.

Our Automated Intelligent Retail Kiosks use digital sensors, cameras and global remote monitoring and support. All MagexUSA systems are engineered to decrease service costs and take the guesswork out of processes. With the remote management system, almost all issues may be resolved in minutes.

We deliver end-to-end development and deployment. With our trusted partners we can be anywhere in the world. Together, we support thousands of projects collectively and understand how to seamlessly go from Page to Placement. We treat every development and deployment with the vigor it deserves. It’s important to Us because it is important to You.

MagexUSA practices hands-on personalized delivery and installation in coalition with our partners. We provide all our customers with superior support services; whether it be a simple phone call to our help desk or an issue with the hardware or software we assure:

  1. We will always return your call.

  2. We will always return an email.

  3. We will always tell you the truth.

  4. We will use Best practices when resolving an issue.

  5. We will use proven support methodologies.

  6. We will give you one point of contact.

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