Alps Innovations Group Introduces “The Colosseo” The World’s Premier Custom Vending Automated Retailing System

Patented system provides unprecedented levels of flexibility, communications, and security

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If you are looking for a Premier Custom Vending Automated Retailing System, look no further. The Colesseo offers unprecedented levels of flexibility, convenience, customer interaction, security, and product merchandising.

The Colosseo has a unique double internal stocking system that allows up to 12 floors of varying heights. A Best-in-Class robotic system transports products from shelves to the dispensing area.

Photosensors are able to recognize products and verify dispensing. For high-value items, special microchips can be added, ensuring total security and validation. The Colesseo also has a self-diagnosis system that checks the operating status of the lane before disbursement of any product.

The Colosseo is a Premier Custom Vending Automated Retailing System that also features integrated web chat to provide customer assistance in real time. This provides a personal service touch that is unmatched in traditional automated retailing and vending systems, and makes the system ideal for a variety of products, particularly items such as smartphones, tablets, cartridges for printers, watches, computers and accessories, cameras, video games and clothing.


This Premier Custom Vending Automated Retailing System comes with standard features that are expensive options on other automated retailing units, such as a camera kit, speakers, infra-red anti-vandal touch screen, integrated high speed industrial computer with dual core, shatter proof glass, temperature control with recording, and continuous self-diagnostics.


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Magex Robotic Control. Vending at its finest.


The Colesseo is equipped with a shuttle controlled by a robotic system that transports the product from the floors to the dispensing area. Maximum reliability at the dispensing moment is delivered, thanks to the photosensors placed laterally on the shuttle which are able to recognize the product that enters and exits. For more expensive items it’s possible to apply for a special microchip, making an additional control at delivery ensuring total security during sale. The transport belt, which is installed in the shuttle, allows the sale of delicate products and the horizontal delivery when required.


MAGEX LOADING SYSTEMpatented-vending-system

Maximum adaptability to distribute any type of product, you can pair more than one lane in an automatic way to distribute products that are wider. The system also allows the insertion of interlocking partitions to separate products that are next to one another from the next. The system has a self-diagnosis system that checks the operating status of the lane before any disbursement of the product.




• Retrieval area with automatic opening
• Reinforced retrieval area
• Shatter proof resistant glass
• Console with independent opening
• Reinforced steel frame
• 22” monitor with 1920×1080 px resolution
• Infra-red anti-vandal touch screen
• Industrial computer with dual core
• Operating system installed with a 32Gb hard disc
• Display door completely isolated
• LED lighting
• Console locks are completely isolated
• Modular configuration of shelves in height, depth and number of selections
• Self diagnostic system for troubleshooting
• Electronic multi communication protocol included
• System for data management and statistics display
• Robotic system with multi axis for collection and delivery of the products
• Temperature control with recording
• Protection cover for the machine feet
• Camera kit
• Speaker kit


• Banknote acceptor
• Banknote reader with change
• Banknote and coin reader with tube change
• Coin acceptor and with change dispenser
• GSM data management
• Lexan protection
• LCD display for prices
• Lift
• Refrigeration unit
• System for handling variable weights
• Camera kit
• Inserting items via Inventory Code
• Graphic personalization
• Fidelity RFID card system
• Age Verification reader
• Receipt Printer
• Outdoor coverage
• Back door to load products
• Credit card reader – ATM